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Your product is manufactured on high-speed CPU guided machines. Computer-assisted memory allows for greatly increased production. Primary and secondary tools produce your parts in a variety of configurations to meet the requirements of any application.

We form various types of metal including Aluminum (Clad, 3002, 99.98%, 1100, etc), steel, and more. The experience we have in working with these materials have allowed us to produce the most specular finishes in the industry.

Our superiority in reflector production is an extension of supervisory technique and expertise. The resulting pieces meet your exact specifications and design parameters.

Foremost has also maintained our hand-spinning department. This process is performed by highly skilled artisans and is used for complex curves and critical surface finishes.

Our hydroforming capabilities are especially suited for non-spinning and poly-angular applications.

Having both spinning and forming technologies provides our customers with the best production method for their products.Hydroforming

  • Processes
    • Computer spinning
    • Hand spinning
    • Hydroforming
  • Materials
    • 99.98% pure aluminum
    • Clad
    • 3002
    • 1100
    • 6000 series
    • 5000 series
    • Steel
    • And more . . . . .
  • Quality Control
    • Each part is individually inspected to assure excellent quality.